Broadband and sewers

Listening to Peter Day’s excellent podcast “Bring on the bandwidth”,it occurs to me that the seismic shift that the internet can deliver, will not happen until we have politicians of vision, who understand the difference that technology can make.

What’s this got to with sewers? Well, the major increase in life expectancy, came about because of the building of the sewage system. This was a large scale infrastructure product, that left to the private sector would be piecemeal, and only for those who can afford it.  Broadband is the same, if we live it to the private sector, then the sectors of society that most need public services will not be able to access them.

What is needed is a government that can deliver a glass network to every household in the UK. This will allow the citizen centred services are so nearly in reach. If this is done soon, we will also have a competitive advantage for our businesses.

Bring on the bandwidth, but make access equal.


Nick Clegg and cheap political points

Someone directed me to the nick clegg speech, in which he implies that he wishes to direct money from the NHS IT programme into the Iraq war. Wind back a minute. A left leaning party that wants to spend money on defence rather healthcare. Perhaps, he is trying to make the lib dems more daily mail friendly, by appearing a little right wing.

Whatever his intentions he understands nothing of the NPfIT. As one of the people earning money from this, i’d point out there have been quiet successesand there will be more. In the NHS, there is always a justification needed for anything that takes money away from frontline care and hence the history of underinvestment in IT in the NHS, identified by Wanless. For me it was always going to be a long haul and it will continue to be so. But if my sons, don’t have paper records when they turn 18, then it will have been worth it.

How long does tecnology take to go mainstream?

I read this articleand it occurred to me that this was something i had dabbled with many moons ago. It got me wondering whether IT technologies take longer to permeate the healthcare environment and if so, why? A quick search on google reveals that there are many sites and references devoted to it, yet i’ve never seen it used. Hopefully, South Manchester can make it a success.